Little Panda's

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Panda Room

two years to three years

We have a Panda’s room which is our toddler 2/3 room, this is all open plan and they have full access to all resources that we offer, we also have an enchanted tree house room which is a little haven for our children to chill and relax. 

We monitor their development closely and work hard to start them learning basic numeracy and literacy, we follow the EYFS framework and we use 7 different areas of learning these being; Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the world, Physical development, Communication and Language Development and Expressive Arts and Design. Our Panda room is all newly refurnished, and this room works closely with pre-school and baby rooms throughout the transition process.

We support our pandas with learning how to be independent and learning basic skills such as holding cutlery, making friendships, learning basic communication and language and becoming familiar with routine and our golden rules. These are; Kind Feet, Kind Hands, Kind Words, Listening Ears and Sharing and Taking Turns.

Panda’s enjoy garden, and love being outdoors, they have access to both fields, situated in front of the nursery building and they play with the mud kitchen and our sensory wall, made out of natural resources. 

We recommend you bring in spare messy clothes for the children as they take part in messy activities daily. We will then change them back into their clean clothes. Every week is a different theme so we will do activities to reflect the theme; such as weather, families and colours. All of the pandas take part in all classes. Their favourite is Phonics class with Robot Reg.