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Bizzy Bears

three years to five years

We then have Bizzy Bears (Pre-School) room, in this room we work extremely hard to make sure children are doing more educational activities to have them ready for school. We hold events for families to be involved in, so they can build great relationships and lasting friendships with their preschool peers. We hold parent meetings and update parents with their child’s progress termly. We are also teamed with Ace-Sen to help all the children with special educational needs, we observe children closely and work alongside the council, health workers and specialists to deliver quality care for each child. 

We encourage independence in Pre-School by doing things such as, scraping our plates once we have finished dining and washing up. The children are asked to wash their hands, throw rubbish in the bin and clean their faces for basic hygiene needs. We also assist with putting coats on and off until they can do so on their own. 

We arrange small trips and outings to the park, and use both fields for outdoor activities such as Forest Schools, we look for natural resources and explore real life by discovering living things. We do focus activities with children to develop their learning and monitor their progressive development, we help each child individually too with extra educational needs. 

We keep a learning journey for each child, which has all their artwork and we link it to the early years outcomes, and observe their characteristics of effective learning. 

The children have access to all resources and can use them to learn, create and play. The children love free play, with a wide range of resources. They have use of all rooms and can go into different rooms to have story time and can use the enchanted tree house room for some quiet time. Pre-school children use self registration in the mornings to get them to recognise their own name and we also have emotion pots, which the children use to tell us how they are feeling. The Pre-school children are automatically put on our register to join in with all the extra curricular activities we offer, free of charge, as we believe these classes enhance children’s leaning and the children throughly enjoy them.