Baby Bears

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Baby Bears

three months to two years

We take babies from 3 months old, along with their home comforts and lots of reassurance, we make that transition from home to nursery as smooth as possible. 

They have their individual named cupboard for all their belongings. We focus on 3 primary areas of learning; Personal, Social and Emotional development. We guide and help our babies to enjoy learning through play.

Each baby has an assigned key worker, with whom will work with your baby to assure they are comforted and supported. They will get to know your child and create a bond alongside their other teachers, so your child will feel comfortable. Once your child has settled in, they will get stuck in and a learning journey log will begin. This is their journey through early years and something you can take with you when they leave as a keepsake. 

Babies love the sensory room, we have sensory lighting, lava lamps, sensory mood cubes, infinity tunnels, soft play, slides, sensory tiles, touchy-feely books and other sensory resources they can feel and touch. 

Once the children have had their lunch, babies will watch up at the star lights and listen to soothing sounds so they can have a much needed sleep. 

The babies also have sand and water play daily and regular tips to the garden for exploration and encouragement to learn of nature and living things. We have a music wall in the garden and a miniature mud kitchen, we also have access to two big fields and take trips to the local park, in our famous buggy bus.